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Model Library Service

Text Box: Simple CAD models are not enough

3-D models must match PCB footprints by size, height, orientation, and origin.
They must carry the same name for proper selection through the IDF interface.
Text Box: IDF Model Zone is the service for creation of your schematic symbols, printed circuit board footprints, and 3-D electronic component models. Creation and integration of relational parts database. Links to Specifications.

Models can be placed bi-directional through the  IDF interface between your PCB layout and Mechanical CAD.

It allows for the seamless integration of mechanical and PCB CAD systems used with the IDF(Intermediate Data Format) standard.


David Koles
IDF Model Zone
Phone: (978) 852-6263

Text Box: Check for alignment, fit, and collisions with faceplates, daughterboards, coldplates, and external connections.

Mechanical engineers can place critical components before auto disperse and annotate changes reducing human error and time consuming redundancy by the PCB designer. 

Component placement can be reviewed before routing which saves rerouting time on the clock!

Use for assembly documentation.
Use for Airflow Simulation.
Components can show polarity markings
Text Box: Save on respins and time to market. We can help provide library of models specific to your product lines.
Text Box: Libraries can be created remotely and transferred using FTP file transfer protocol.
FPGA Mentor DxDesigner, OrCAD schematic modeling, PADS PowerPCB, and Cadence Allegro footprint creation for a complete CAD library structure catered to your AVL.
Text Box: Inventor, Solidworks, PTC PRO-Engineer Wildfire,
PADS PowerPCB, and Cadence Allegro, Mentor DxDesigner,
OrCAD Capture, willing to learn and adapt to new tools.