The Hot Rod-One of a kind





Arp Odyssey



The Hot Rod was sitting around Arp's Engineering and Customer

Service departments for 5 years and used to integrate many

features of the ARP 2600












































Info about this unit came from David Koles.
He worked for Arp as a Musical Tester 79-81’ before Arp went under.

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Arpeggio’s Trade Magazine

April 1974 Vol 3 #1, Pete Townsend, Who’s Arp?

April 1977 Vol 6 #1 Jean-Luc Ponty Band

Aug 1977, Joe Zawinul, Vol 6 #2

April 1978 Vol 7 #1 Pete Townshend with the Avatar

June 1979 Volume 7, Greq Hawkes, Joe Zawinul, #1 17”x11”


Brochures-Arpeggio 8 page brochure, 16-Voice Electronic Piano, 4-Voice Electronic Piano, Mixer, 2 box powered speaker system, Solus, Road Cases, Chroma for NAMM ‘80


Arp Avatar brochure 8.5”x11” with 33RPM flexdisk

Arp PPC 33RPM flexdisk

The ARP Pro Soloist Synthesizer 331/3RPM single record

Odyssey Owner Manual

Odyssey Service Manual models 2800, 2810, 2811, 2812, 2813

Odyssey Front Panel Facsimile scratch pad about 10 sheets 5’X8’

Odyssey Front Panel Facsimile scratch pad about 10 filled 10 empty sheets 81/2’X11’

Omni Service manual

Omni Brochure

Omni-2 Owner Manual

Omni-2 Service Manual

Omni Cassette tape demo

AXXE Owner Manual

Quartet Owner Manual

Minus Noise Mixer Owner Manual

Pro Soloist Owners Playing Guide Owner Manual

2600 Owner Manual

2500 Electronic Music Synthesizer 8 page brochure

Arp Line Brochure Pro Soloist, Odyssey, 2600, 2500

Arp Line Brochure Avatar, AXXE, Odyssey, 2600, Sequencer, Omni-2, Pro/DGX

Quadra Owner Manual

ARP8 Mixer Owner Manual

String Ensemble Owner Manual

Explorer I Owner Manual

Sequencer Owner Manual

Mutron Digital Delay Owner Manual

Mutron Digital Delay 1 page brochure


Assorted Odyssey boards and a Pro Soloist board, Mutron digital delay fried

2 keyboards w/contacts


Odyssey options-footswitch, linear peddle, and custom road case


Link to The Hot Rod posted at The Keyboard Museum


David Koles     



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